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Amana Publications


1- Amana publications reserves the rights for the quantity books it can deliver at a time and the discounts it can offer on purchases.

2- Orders must be made carefully since sales are treated as final and no return/exchange is allowed except with prior permission from amana publications.

3- In the unlikely event of damaged or defective items, please contact amana publications.

4- All prices including shipping charges are in US $ and are required to be paid in advance.

5- Views expressed in the books are not necessarily those of amana publications.

6- Amana publications offers discount policy for wholesalers.

7- To streamline and avoid delay, customers are requested to order books from amana catalog or amana website.

8- Policies enumerated above are subject to review and change without prior notification.

9- Please use current and correct ISBNs when ordering books.

10- Please indicate if the ordered book is required in hard cover or paperback edition.

11- All ordering details (e.g. name, address, contact number, etc.) should be written clearly. Any unclear information will render the order void

12- Amana publications reserves the right to limit the number of books to be made available and the offer of discounts at any given time or place.

13- Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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